SciFinder, Web version (for registered users)

SciFinder, Web version (for registered users)

SciFinder allows you to explore the CAS databases that contain scientific information in literature, journals and patent documents from many disciplines including biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, materials science, agricultural science, and more. The new web version of SciFinder provides the same products to both government, commercial and academic customers.If you need help navigating the web version please see the User Guide below.

The new version of SciFinder runs in a web browser and requires no downloading and installation of CAS software, you do however have to register and set up a personal account. Please note that registrations only can be done from computers within the LU IP-range.

System requirements:

Recommended web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Versions 6.x and 7.x ; Mozilla Firefox, Version 2.x ; Apple Safari 3. JavaScript, Java, and cookies must be enabled. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is needed for structure drawing.

SciFinder User Registration:

  1. Go to the user registration form and click Next, URL: Lund University SciFinder Registration
  2. Enter your contact information, name and e-mail address are the only fields requried. Please note that only a valid Lund University e-mail domain can be used ( or
  3. Specify a username and password.
    • Your username must be unique and contain 5 -15 characters. It can contain only letters or a combination of letters, numbers and/or dash (-), underscore (_), period (.), at (@).
    • Your password must contain 7 -15 characters and include at least one of three of the following: letters, mixed upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, non-alphanumeric characters (@, #, %, &, *).
  4. Select a security question from the drop-down list and provide the answer.
  5. Click on Register.
  6. An e-mail message with instructions for completing the registration process will be sent to you. You must click the link within 48 hours. If not, you will need to begin the registration process again.
  7. Open and read the e-mail message from CAS. To be able to complete the SciFinder registration and get access to the database you must accept the following terms and conditions for using SciFinder:
    • I will not share my username and password with any other person.
    • I will search only for myself and not for others or other organizations.
    • I will not use any automated program or script for extracting or downloading CAS data, or any other systematic retrieval of data.
    • I may retain a maximum of 5,000 Records at any given time for personal use or to share within a Project team for the duration of the Project.
    • My organization's SciFinder License and the CAS Information Use Policies apply to my use of SciFinder (you must read this document).
    • I will contact the Lund University SciFinder Key Contact if I have any questions.
  8. To accept the terms and conditions, click on the link in the e-mail. A confirmation page will be displayed with a link to the SciFinder sign in page (the same link as used in the SciFinder name at the top of this page). If you experience problems logging in, please contact the LU site contact.

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