CiNii - Citation Information by National Institute of Informatics (Nii), Japan. (NIAS)

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CiNii - Citation Information by National Institute of Informatics (Nii), Japan. (NIAS)

Mostly in Chinese with English interface.

CiiNii incorporates a number of databases, providing search facilities for academic periodicals published by universities, academic societies etc, with citation links to 17 million articles of which 4 millions are in fulltext. If the fulltext is available there is a direct link to it.

For articles which are not available in full-text via CiNii there is a bibliographic download function which simplifies ordering of article copies from the National Diet Library. NDL delivers articles copies against a fee, but registration as an institution is necessary. For more information please contact

End user license agreement
The licensed databases may only be used for personal and scientific use, as well as for research and educational purposes. It is strictly forbidden to change, rewrite, systematically copy, redistribute, sell, publish or in any way use the material in commercial purposes.

De licensierade databaserna innehåller material som endast får användas för personligt och vetenskapligt bruk, samt för forsknings- och undervisningsändamål. Det är absolut förbjudet att ändra, omarbeta, systematiskt kopiera, redistribuera, sälja, publicera, eller på annat sätt använda materialet i kommersiellt syfte.