SSRN Social Science Research Network

SSRN Social Science Research Network

SSRN is an open-access online preprint community. Specializing primarily in social sciences, including economics, law, corporate governance, and humanities, SSRN is branching out in to other science disciplines. SSRN was purchased by Elsevier in May 2016.

The research networks represented in the platform are:

Accounting, Anthropology and Archeology, Biology, Chemistry, Classics, Computer Science, Cognitive Sciences, Corporate Governance, Economics, Education, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Health Economics, Hebrew, Information Systems and eBusiness, Innovation, Law, Leadership, Literature, Management, Marketing, Medical, Music and Composition, Negotiation, Philosophy, Political Sciences, Rhetoric and Communication, Social Insurance, Sustainability, Women and Gender Studies.

Subject Headings: Social Sciences, Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Information Systems

SSRN är ett nätverk för öppet tillgängliga preprints, främst inom samhällsvetenskaperna, men som numera också innehåller andra discipliner.

Ämnesord: Samhällsvetenskaper, Företagsekonomi, Finans, Informationssystem, Nationalekonomi, Redovisning