World Bank Open Data

World Bank Open Data

World Bank Open Data - Free and open access to global development data. Designed to make World Bank data easy to find, download, and use. All of the data found here can be used free of charge with minimal restrictions. You can search for indicator names, countries, and topics. Data pages allow the option to download all displayed data in bulk.

The DataBank contains extensive collections of time series data. It has advanced functions for selecting and slicing the datasets, performing customized queries and data downloads, and creating charts and other visualizations.

Please note that even if these databases are free, usage must be in compliance with the Terms of Use.

Subject Headings: Business Administration, Development, Economics, Statistics

World Bank Open Data är fritt tillgänglig. Sök via indikator, land eller ämne. Ingången DataBank ger tillgång till en omfattande samling av tidsserier och har mer avancerade funktioner för att skapa egna tabeller m.m.

Observera att även om databaserna är fritt tillgängliga, måste användandet ske utifrån Terms of use.

Ämnesord: Företagsekonomi, Nationalekonomi, Statistik, Utveckling