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International Materials on Westlaw is a comprehensive full text database with British and American legislation and case law as well as a large number of legal English-language full text journals and the tool Legal Journals Index. You will also find EU legislation and legal usage, international agreements, and legal documents from Australia, Hong Kong and Canada.

Westlaw also contains a number of news sources, as selected content or in full text, such as Washington Post: 1978 - present, Le Monde: 1987 - present, Int. New York Times: 1997 - present and The Guardian: 1985 - present.

In order to search for legal articles, choose world journals. For a manual on how to locate specific articles, please consult the Faculty of Law web pages, the section Search.

In order to search for news, choose international news in the column to the right. In the search box, type in the name of the newspaper you are looking for. Click on the name in the drop down menu. Now you can use the search box to look for content from this specific newspaper.

For further guidance on the content and how to search the database, please contact your faculty library or the Faculty of Law Library, jurbibl@jur.lu.se.

Please note: you have to sign the "Academic User Agreement" (I Agree, and GO at the bottom of the page) before you can access Westlaw. In doing so you agree to use Westlaw for educational purposes only: "Authorised Use means /.../ for educational purposes directly related to the Student's course work at Law School, and specifically excluding use in connection with the Student's employment, or any internship, externship or work experience, or use on behalf of any another person or organisation whatsoever" [2.Definitions]."

Om du har frågor om innehållet eller hur man använder databasen, var vänlig kontakta ditt fakultetsbibliotek, Juridiska fakultetens bibliotek via jurbibl@jur.lu.se eller se denna FAQ.

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De licensierade databaserna innehåller material som endast får användas för personligt och vetenskapligt bruk, samt för forsknings- och undervisningsändamål. Det är absolut förbjudet att ändra, omarbeta, systematiskt kopiera, redistribuera, sälja, publicera, eller på annat sätt använda materialet i kommersiellt syfte.