UR Access: TV- och radioprogram från Utbildningsradion

Lund University students and employees only, login with student account/LUCAT is required.

UR Access: TV- och radioprogram från Utbildningsradion

UR Access is a streaming service which provides access to films, TV and radio programmes from UR (Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company). You need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer in order to watch the films. UR's educational TV and radio programmes range from pre-school to higher education. Although you will find programs in other languages than Swedish, the platform is only in Swedish.

Please note that login is required both on and off LU-campus.

How to access UR Access

  1. If you accessing UR Access off LU-campus you will be asked to login via LU’s Central Authentication Service (CAS) with your LUCAT or StudentID.
  2. UR Access is only available for registered users at Higher Education Institutions and cookies are required so you have to click on “Jag samtycker” (I agree).
  3. When you click on a programme you will see a message saying “Du är inte inloggad” (You are not logged in) and a link “Klicka här för att logga in” (Click here to login).
  4. When you click on the login link a connection to UR’s Shibboleth service will open. Type Lund and then choose Lund University from the list and the login to UR Access will open. You only need to log in once if you continue in the same browser window.

It is absoloutely prohibited to in any way store or copy the programmes. Violation may cause you to lose your student account or Lucat identity.

End user license agreement
The licensed databases may only be used for personal and scientific use, as well as for research and educational purposes. It is strictly forbidden to change, rewrite, systematically copy, redistribute, sell, publish or in any way use the material in commercial purposes.

De licensierade databaserna innehåller material som endast får användas för personligt och vetenskapligt bruk, samt för forsknings- och undervisningsändamål. Det är absolut förbjudet att ändra, omarbeta, systematiskt kopiera, redistribuera, sälja, publicera, eller på annat sätt använda materialet i kommersiellt syfte.