Nordic Archaeological Abstracts (NAA Online)

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Nordic Archaeological Abstracts (NAA Online)

Nordic Archaeological Abstracts (NAA Online) provides a comprehensive guide to Nordic archaeological literature. Each issue of NAA contains hundreds of references, with abstracts, from a wide variety of journals and books as well as some fulltext. NAA covers publications dealing with archaeological investigations, recent as well as medieval and prehistoric. Studies within other disciplines (such as environmental history, numismatics, and osteology) are also included, provided they throw light on problems on material groups relevant for the archaeologist. The geographical limits of NAA are the Nordic countries, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the Åland Islands. Papers on culturally related areas are cited as long as they bear on material treated by Nordic archaeology.

Nordic Archaeological Abstracts (NAA Online) innehåller referenser och abstracts, och i vissa fall fulltext, till nordiska arkeologiska publikationer (tryckta) som behandlar förhistorien, medeltiden och perioden efter medeltiden. Andra ämnen som är relevanta för arkeologer förtecknas också i NAA, t.ex. miljöhistoria, numismatik, osteologi m.m. Geografisk täckning: Danmark, Finland, Färöarna, Grönland, Norge, Sverige och Åland.

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